Friday, February 15, 2008

Andy Malone

Mayor Bear (part 1), 2008
Digital print on paper

I create drawings and kinetic sculptures that reflect on life in Detroit and other subjects that interest me. I primarily incorporate common whimsical archetypes (like toys and cartoon animals) to comment on sober matters.

The inspiration for this piece is the Detroit political machine (which could easily provide material for a weekly comic strip). I am fascinated by how Detroiters are knowingly manipulated and pandered to when a scandal strikes. We pay attention to the drama but remain detached (this is a survival mechanism). We tend to forget that our elected officials work for us, and we have the power to hold them accountable. This, of course, is not a uniquely Detroit phenomenon.

When I'm not on my soapbox, I'm hanging out with my wife Elaine and baby girl Julia.

A portfolio of my work is available here:

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